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University of Barcelona
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Barcelona,1983. I studied Biotechnology and Biochemistry degrees iat the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During my university years I began to be interested in all water related issues. I had the change to participate during one year in research projects at the University of Kuopio, Finland (Erasmus grant) and at the University of Padova, Italy (Leonardo grant). Back in Barcelona, I worked at the Barcelona's sewerage system company (ClabSA, Agbar Group) while studying a master in water management (University of Barcelona). Phd in environmental microbiology and biotechnology 2010-2014. Research of viruses, their applicability to trace the source of the fecal contamination and its spread and stability in water matrices. I have participated in cooperative projects on water microbiology and public health, together with Oxfam and the Spanish Development and Cooperation Agency (AECID), in Haiti 2011 and Guatemala 2012 respectively. In 2013 I was at the Environmental Science Research centre in Christchurch NewZealand, for a research stay on MST tools. I had the chance to test the applicability of the developed viral source tracking tools in the field. At present, working at the Laboratory of viruses contaminants of water and food in elucidating new viruses and disease etiologies using metagenomic and targeted enrichment analyses.