The Persistence of Indicators and Pathogens in Wastewater Biosolids-amended Soil

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Parsai, T., Wier, M.H., Miller, A., Gurian, P.L. and Kumar, A. 2018. The Persistence of Pathogens in Biosolids-amended Soil: Knowns, Unknowns and Future Directions. In: J.B. Rose and B. Jiménez-Cisneros, (eds) Global Water Pathogens Project, (M. Yates (eds) Part 4 Management of Risk from Excreta and Wastewater) Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI, UNESCO.  

Acknowledgements: K.R.L. Young, Project Design editor; Website Design 

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Tanushree Parsai (Indian Institute of Technology)Mark Weir (Temple University)Austin Miller (Temple University)Patrick Gurian (Drexel University)Arun Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology)

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